Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The Southern Alleghenies Rural Planning Organization (RPO) is responsible for developing and maintaining the region’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.  The Plan is consistent with the goals set forth in the Southern Alleghenies Long Range Transportation Plan as well as federal and state guidance regarding bicycle and pedestrian modes of transportation.

The 2016 Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan was adopted by the RPO at the July 20, 2016 Rural Transportation Coordinating Committee Meeting. It includes five major goals:

  1. Bolster the region’s bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure so that it is safe to use and enjoy.
  2. Ensure our region’s bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure is well maintained.
  3. Continue planning for bicycle and pedestrian initiatives.
  4. Educate our region’s stakeholders, elected officials, and public at-large of key regional initiatives involving bicycle and pedestrian transportation.
  5. Maximize the benefits of transportation investments in the region.

Questions: Brandon Peters via telephone: (814) 949-6543; email:; fax: (814) 949-6505, or mail at SAP&DC, 3 Sheraton Drive, Altoona, PA 16601.


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